Sunday, 3 February 2013



Today our class at lab. Today Miss Zu will check our introduction part for term paper essay. My partner and I prepare about five introductions. The first group Miss Zu going to check will be my group. *nervous… Miss Zu checks it one by one. Unfortunately, not one of it been accepted… Oh nooooooo! Then, Miss Zu asked about our thesis statement that miss had “approved”. Miss Zu asked us how such of this thesis statement could be approved. We don’t have any answer for that. Miss Zu said the thesis statement was the worst ever! We feel like WHAT IS GOING ON. … So, we have to make a new thesis statement with a new introduction because our introduction just only use 1 hook and there is no transition Every groups got about same comment from Miss Zu. I think all of us have to make a new introduction with more than one hook and plus the transition part. Before we dismiss, Miss Zu asked us to the outlining part. Bye!

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