Sunday, 27 January 2013



Assalamualaikum readers… Today our lovely Miss Zu can’t attend our class to teach but that not mean that we don’t have any class. We still have a class today since we had a deal with Miss Zu yesterday, that we will go to the library for todays class so, and we did. The purpose for today class at library is actually to update our blog and comment to others blog. However, since yesterday we make a lot of mistake in doing our thesis statement so, Miss Zu asked us to sit together with the one who have the same type of essay to help each other. At the same time, some of us enter the library lab to update their blog. Until here guys! BYE!


TUESDAY, 22/01/2013

Assalamualaikum…Today activity in our class is presenting the thesis statement. Miss Zu already gives much time since we have no class yesterday. The first couple who really brave to present is Faiz Adha and Fikri. *applause. Faiz and Fikri just did one thesis statement only but actually, Miss Zu asked us to do about three thesis statements. Miss Zu a bit angry about it. Miss Zu rejects their statement and Miss Zu asked them to do again. REJECT! The scariest word for today. Honestly, I am nervous to present today. We are too scare to be rejected. The second partner is Salihin and Mida a.k.a Faiz…hahah .First, they show their introduction. Since my partner and I also did same type of essay with this partner so, we are looking forward to this couple. We want to know how they do the thesis statement. They thesis statement has be approved. You guys are lucky BUT not for their introduction. Miss Zu ask them to change it because the introduction is not suitable with the thesis statement. PLAGIARISM! Miss Zu said. Then, they called Acap’s name. Acap and Nawi suppose to present their thesis statement but I don’t really know what is exactly happen to them. Emmm…Next presenters would be Pika’s group. Miss Zu does not accept their thesis statement. Until Ieka and Diba turn, Miss Zu was very happy with them because they are the best group for today. Great thesis statement and no grammatical error at all...*applause…  When is my turn? Hahahahah… Before we are presenting our thesis there  are some group which already know that they did in a wrong way with their thesis statement so, Miss Zu tell them to sit together with the group which did the same type of essay for tomorrow class. My turn guys. I think for my group, we did a nice work. Miss Zu said that our thesis statement is okay just to need add something so it will be better. After we end present it, our class dismiss with a deal to Miss Zu that we have to be at library for tomorrow class although she is not there. You can trust us miss. Don’t worry!

My group thesis statement that Miss Zu accept:      

   The family problems, the student’s behavior and the school environment are some of the reasons why academic performance is decreasing among the secondary school students. For this reason, some solutions should be taken to solve this problem.

Friday, 18 January 2013


WEDNESDAY, 16/01/2012

Assalamualaikum. Today our class as usual at computer lab. Today, Miss Zu teaches us about the introduction of an essay. What is introduction all about? Let me tell you guys. The functions of introduction are:

   1) Get the readers’ attention
   2) It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.
   3)Set tone for the rest of the essay

Miss Zu also told that in the introduction, we must 3 parts, which are the hook, transition and thesis statement. What is the meaning of “the hook”? The hook means designed to grab attention immediately and give some indication about the essay topic. What about the transition?  What it’s mean? Transition means Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay. To make a hook we have 8 patterns to make it:

   a)  Personal example/observation
   b) Current event
   c) Quotation
   d)  Facts & statistic
   e) Rhetorical question
   f) Definition
  g) Funnel
  h) Contrast to the thesis statement.

Then, Miss Zu asked us to the introduction for our term paper. Our class dismiss at 6 o’clock. BYE Guys!


TUESDAY, 15/01/2013

Assalamualaikum, today we are late!  All the students were late for the BEL 311’S class. You guys curious why? Because before that we have QMT, class and we have quiz. That’s why we were late. When we come into the class Miss Zu already there. All right, straight to the point guys, since we already have the title for the term paper, so, today we learn about “how to make the thesis statement”. What is means by thesis statement? Thesis statement is the preview of main point to whole essay.After that, she shows to us the last semester students’ work as references to us. Then, we have to make three versions of thesis statements because she said if one of it does not accepted, at least we still have the back up. After that, Miss Zu asked about what pattern of essay that we want to choose. Since, Wawa(my partner) is absent today, so, at this moment I more prefer  pattern  number 2 because it’s looks more straight forward for me and not complicated. Besides that, Miss Zu talks about a little bit about introduction. For the introduction, we must have 3 part, which are the hook, the transition and lastly thesis statement. Below is the essay pattern that I mention above :)
     PATTERN 2

paragraph           = Introduction stating the thesis statement

Body paragraph = Problem 1, with topic sentence    
                               Solution 1, with topic sentence

                               Problem 2, with topic sentence
                               Solution 2, with topic sentence

                               Problem 3, with topic sentence
                               Solution 3, with topic sentence

paragraph         =  Conclusion summarising the main ideas or restating the thesis statement

Tuesday, 15 January 2013



Assalamualaikum, the new day after weekend. Today, our class at DSP. For today class, we did something that new for this semester, which is DEBATE. Firstly, we are divided into 4 groups, which are 2 from the Government side, and the other two are from the opponent side. For the first session, we have group 1 and 2. They were debating about “Is it considers cheating when your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/boys/man/women/ on facebook (poking, liking, etc)”. The debating session was going smoothly. They were giving their great point and refute to each other points between the Government and the opponent side. As an audience at that time, I can see their tenseness on their face clearly. Miss Zu asked us (an audience) to decide which groups will win and who the best debater is. My group chooses the opponent side as the winner and Fikri as the best debater. The second session is my group and one more group. Our topic is “Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?”  In addition, we are the opponent side. Miss Zu also helps us in giving the points and it helpful for us. We done our best, we refute each other. Hahahahah…. For the second session, no one win or loss it is a tie and the best debater is Rozita from my group. Yeahhhhh... Congratulation my friend! Class dismissed at 4 o’clock. See you guys on the next entry. ADIOS! 
the first session.. can you guys the tension on Fikri face?

we are about to refute to  the government side..

i am presenting my point.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


 WEDNESDAY, 9/1/2012

Assalamualaikum…How are you? Fine? Good…. Today BEL 311’S class at computer lab. What Miss Zu going to do for today? Curious? Today Miss Zu wants us to comment to other blog. Emmm….Before we start to commenting on each other blog, Miss Zu wants to our entry about The process of choosing term paper’s topic… Alhamdulillah I have done it...Hihihihih. For those who do not done it, miss give us until 5 o’clock to finish it. Then, at sharp 5 o’clock, we will start to comment. I was commenting on Faiz Adha’s blog and Ejat’s blog. You guys are very lucky persons...Hhaahaha. After we comment, Miss Zu will check it. Miss Zu said my comment is ok...Thanks miss! Overall, our class for today going smoothly. That’s great for me. Before we end, Miss Zu said that she was glad to have students like us, which is giving her such a great cooperation. We end our class at 6 o’clock… See you soon guys…

Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Today our class as usual at U214 (4.00p.m~6.00p.m) Today Miss Zu will check or blog for the first time ever! I am so excited and nervous too because there must be many mistakes with grammar and the sentences structure. That’s why I am nervous. Since, we have to learn another lesson for today so, Miss Zu just randomly picks the name. Nadia Atiqah! She is the lucky student because miss choose her to view her blog. After check it one by one entry, Miss Zu said that her entry is too short and not really detail about the activity that we did in the class. Then, Miss Zu explains the proper way to reflex about what happen in the class and to put it in our blog. Miss Zu hopes that we will not repeat the mistake again next time. For today lesson, we learn about how to differentiate between fact and opinion. Actually, we are already learned it on last semester but still Miss Zu it again to us. After done explain it we do some exercise to prove that we are really understood about the fact and the opinion. Besides that, we also play game. Yes, game. Yeahhhhh…We have to perform six groups and picked the thing in the box that Miss Zu already brings it. For my group we choose Johnson Baby Powder. The task is we have to make fact and opinion about the thing and other students have to guess it how many facts and how many opinions. Our class dismissed at 6 o’clock. Let’s go to the “Pasar Malam”. Bye readers!


Assalamualaikum everyone..Are you still remember that I had mention before which is I need to find an essay topic for the term paper? My partner (Amalina) and I decide to do topic about the Decreasing number of academic performance among the secondary school students. Actually, we have several topics as a backup if Miss Zu does not approve our topic but since she approves it, we really feel glad and carry on with the topic. Before we present it, I already asked Miss Zu about the Obesity topic but she said it too common and many students had done it. Then, we try with the topic I said above and she approves it. Because of we do not enough material, so, Miss Zu asked us find it again. The process of finding the materials is DIFFICULT. I really do not know what to do. My partner and I still keep trying to find the material. The difficult part for us is when we want to find from the database and I think everyone face the same difficulty like us. Maybe. Lastly, we find it. Alhamdulillah. We find the material from online newspaper, online magazine, journal and from the internet itself. So, the result as below:
                                        BROAD TOPIC
             Problems of decreasing number in academic performance.
                                        NARROW TOPIC
The problems and solutions of decreasing number in academic performance among students in the school.
                                          FOCUS TOPIC
The problems and solutions of decreasing number in academic performance among secondary students in the school.

While below is the some of sources of the material:

Type of material and name
(The Star)

Title of article
1)Tips improving academic
2)Academic achievement
New deals prove a big deal.

2)Kellaghan,Sam Redding
Hariati Azizan.


Year of publication


Website address(online sources)

New deals proves a big deal-Nation/The Star Online

Date of retrieval(online sources)

Volume number, issue number and page(s)


Type of material and name
Magazine(Pacific *Standard, Exceptional Children)

 Title of article
1)School uniforms and academic performances.
2)Styles of thinking,abilities and academic performances.

1)Eric Hayden
2)Grigorenko, Elena, Robert

2)Council for exceptional children.

Year of publication
1)November 23,2009
2)  3/22/1997


Website address(online sources)

Date of retrieval(online sources)

Volume number, issue number and page(s)

Type of material and name

Title of article
Graduate school of developement studies.
Tadesse Shiferaw
Institute of social studies
Year of publication

Website address(online sources)

Date of retrieval(online sources)
Volume number, issue number and page(s)