Friday, 4 January 2013


WEDNESDAY, 2/01/2012

Hey yo! We meet again and it is about BEL 311 again. Hahahah… Today my class at CLL2, which is at Sri Laksamana block. Emm…quiet far. LOL! Before we start our lesson for today, Miss Zu asked us to check whether our quiz online able to do it or not. Since, it is able to do it, Miss Zu asked us to do it for a couple of minutes. After we finish it, Miss Zu starts our lesson for today with find a main idea in a passage. First, Miss Zu teaches us about find the main idea that already stated in the passage then she teaches us how to find when the main idea is not stated in the passage. We never learn it before. It is something new. Miss Zu told us first we need to know what the passage is about and find the important main point so we can make a full sentence from it. Then, we do some exercise and at the same time, we play some games that related with what we learn for today. We enjoy it so much but unfortunately, for the whole games my group gets 0 point. What a shame guys! Tired of typing. Hahahah…See you soon :D 

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