Sunday, 24 March 2013


Last entry. Heheheh.. It could be since I’m done with my BEL 311 class. For farewell note, not a death note, we have to answer those questions.
1) What have you learn throughout this semester in BEL 311? Do you think that your writing skill have improved?
2) What does blogging teach you in BEL 311?
3) What do you think of expressing you thought feeling via e-Diary (blogging)?

This semester for BEL 311  I learn a lot of about writing. I learn how to write the intro, conclusion and body paragraph. I also learn many type of essays  which are problem and solution, discussion, argumentative, compare and contrast and also cause and effect. Most of the type we learn about writing  if I’m not mistaken. Through this course I think my writing improve a lot. But I’m still lacking in grammar and sentence structure. What blogging teach me in BEL  311 is new thing which is writing a blog. Hahahahha.  I did express a lot of my feeling towards my blog like what Miss Zu want us to do in every entry. Writing a blog also teach me how to write an information with detail . Emmmm… When I am expressing my thoughts through the e-diary @ blog the feeling is just not so excited and not so sad. Hahahah… Simple feeling… Can I say that? FYI I am not a person who love to write something on diary. I tried it before but as it flow with the time I’m become lazy. I’m not interest on writing diary. That’s me. But I like to read someone blog. I’m just like to read but not to write. This is my farewell note. Hope to see you guys again. Wish me luck for my final examination. Bye. Wassalam.


Thursday, 21/03/2013

Last day. Hi readers. Tonight is my last class for BEL 311 class. I’m late. As like what Miss Zu said yesterday  she wants to discuss the reading comprehension question. The feeling is just cool and warm. Many of us still not doing it. Tonight also w need to submit our portfolio except Bariah and Inayah. They ask the permission from Miss Zu that they want to submit it for tomorrow. Miss Zu accept it since the other students feel okay with it. When we submit the portfolio, Miss Zu say that our portfolio is the thinnest portfolio she ever seen. We was like REALLY??? Oh. OK. We never think that we have to print all the slides that she gave to us. How to do? Since it already happen we just submit it.  Besides doing the reading comprehension question we also have to do the survey for Miss Zu. Is Miss Zu really likes orange colour? Because the past semester paper orange colour so do this survey paper. MAYBE, WHO KNOW. Miss Zu say she wants to end this class early so, we try to do everything with fast motion. OUR CLASS DISMISS! YEZZAAAA.. Then Miss Zu asks us to go to the next class. Guess what? Miss Zu gives us food! NASI LEMAK! FAREWELL PARTY EVERYONE. We take picture together and eat together. Full of laugh and a little emotion session at the end. I feel like wanna cry but I hold it. Amalina is crying. Nooooooo….Miss Zu gives us some advice. Its not like advice actually, she wish us best of luck for our final. I just wanna say A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MISS ZU FOR TEACHES US BEL 311 FOR THIS SEMESTER. THANK FOR EVERYTHING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US. PLEASE FORGIVE US FOR ALL THE MISTAKE THAT WE DID IN YOUR CLASS. THANKS YOU SO MUCH. JBM 112 3A STUDENTS WILL NEVER  FORGET YOU. SEE YOU AGAIN MISS. Wassalam.    


Wednesday, 20/03/2013

We meet again. Today we discus about the next type of essay which is DISCUSSION. Suddenly, Miss Zu say we will have two beautiful lectures for today. Everyone was like searching everywhere and me too. I am looking at the door to see there any new lecture come in but not at all. The two lectures actually is the only twin in our class. BARIAH AND INAYAH. We was like oooooooooh…Hahahhaha. Why them suddenly? This is because they were the only group did the discussion type of essay for their mid-term paper. I think they did a good job. Then, we continue today’s activity with blogging and commenting. Miss Zu also give a past semester paper for us to do. We need to do the reading comprehension first because Miss Zu wants to discuss it on Thursday night. Ok miss! And for the essay we have to submit it on Monday before 5 p.m. Again! Argumentative essay… Miss Zu said argumentative essay is one of the popular type of essay that will come out in final. Oh my god! Another thing is we need to submit our portfolio which a yellow file on  Thursday night too. Thursday night will be our last BEL 311 CLASS. Wassalam.


TUESDAY, 19/03/2013
Assalamualaikum to all reader. Today we have to submit our argumentative essay.  On the slide, Miss Zu shows to us a poem call JABBERWOCKY. When, Miss Zu asks who want to read it everyone was like try looking down don’t want to look at front. Hahahahahha.. Then, Miss Zu picks Salihin to read it. Then, Miss Zu asks us whether we understand the poem or not. We said we don’t understand so, Miss Zu go through stanza by stanza to make us understand. Actually, Jabberwocky is like a monster * according to the poem.  In the poem, there are a father told his son to fight with the Jabberwocky and at the end the son succeed to fight with the  Jabberwocky. Miss Zu says, we don’t need to understand every word to know about the whole passage. Today we learn about how to write the conclusion since we already learn how to write an introduction. What is the meaning conclusion?  Conclusion mean the last main division of a discourse, usually containing a summing up of the points and a statement of opinion or decisions reached. Then, we play a game. Miss Zu play some video and we have to draw a conclusion and we have tell what is the evidence. My group got high marks. Good job guys. Our class dismiss at 6 o’clock. Wassalam.


Wednesday, 13/3/2013
Assalamualaikum to all reader. Yesterday we don’t have BEL 311 class and that’s why I don’t write any entry. Do I need to say that??? Hahahahha… Whatever it is, I just to inform to you….*What am I talking about! Today we do another type of writing which the most difficult type of writing I guess.. I am absolutely salute the group that wrote this type of essay for their writing. The type of essay I am talking about is ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY. Have you guys heard about that type of essay? Yes? Good for you. There are three patterns of this essay.
First pattern : Introduction & thesis statement
                       Pro 1 with topic sentence
                       Pro 2 with topic sentence
                       Pro 3 with topic sentence
                       Con(s) with topic sentence + refutation
                       Conclusion summarizing the main @ restating thesis statement.

Second pattern : Introduction with thesis statement
                           Con(s) with topic sentence + refutation(s)
                           Pro 1 with topic sentence
                           Pro 2 with topic sentence
                           Pro 3 with topic sentence
                           Conclusion summarizing the main @ restating thesis statement.
Third pattern :  Introduction with thesis statement
                         Con 1 with topic sentence + refutation
                          Pro 1 with topic sentence
                          Con 2 with topic sentence + refutation
                          Pro 2 with topic sentence
                          Con 3 with topic sentence + refutation
                          Pro 3 with topic sentence
                          Conclusion summarizing the main @ restating thesis statement.
Miss Zu preferred to choose the third pattern. So, as usual we have to do the essay but for this time  we have to do INDIVIDUALLY. Let me repeat again INDIVIDUALLY. I was like WHAT IS GOING ON…. Why individual… Half of my spirit gone with the sentence…. Then, Miss Zu the title of the essay. WOMEN ARE BECOMING BOLDER AS WELL AS MORE AGGRESSIVE AND MEN ARE MORE SENSITIVE. AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT.  Since the clock near to 6 o’clock Miss Zu just asks us to write the thesis statement only. Below is my thesis statement.
Despite, people right now claims that is it okay or women to be bolder and aggressive like men while men are sensitive like women, but in reality the word “sensitive” still belong to women and “bolder” and “aggressive” belongs to men.


MONDAY, 11/03/2013

Assalamualaikum readers, today our class as usual at DSP. Today we are not bring our laptop because Miss Zu wants to continue in doing practice for speaking test since we will have speaking test. Before we start the practice,  Miss Zu asks did us make our own practice during the weekend. Unfortunately, many of us don’t do it. I don’t why. Miss Zu said she don’t know how to express her disappointment  toward us anymore. HOW???????  But for my group, we did. We try to search the points as much as possible based on the question that Miss Zu already give. We also try to arrange who will be the first candidate and so on. So, for today practice the lucky group is Rozita’s group. CONGRATULATION GUYS. Fuhhhhh… relieve. Hahahahah. They get a question about runaway youth and how to solve the problem. They give many  points which is very good for them although it just a practice.  After they done it, as usual we need to give them mark. Overall, Miss Zu said this group perform better  than the first group maybe because this is the second experiment so they prepared a lot. Good job guys! Since we do nothing after that, Miss Zu suggest to make practice by our own. Therefore, we sit in group and discuss about the question until Miss Zu left us. Up till here. Wassalam. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013


WEDNESDAY, 6/03/2013

Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmannirrahim. How you guys doing? I am good too.  Today Miss ZU a bit late because she has something to do so, she asks us to update and comment blog, does the online quizzes.  After that, Miss Zu enters the lab. Today, Miss Zu wants to do a practice for speaking test. Uh-oh speaking test! Then, Miss Zu divides us into eight groups, which are consisting of four members. Miss Zu said she couldn’t let us choose our own member because in MUET TEST we know no one. Therefore, Miss Zu decides to do that way. My group would be Zue, Sarra, Atiqah kardi and me. Excited but nervous too. How to do??? For the practice session, Miss Zu picks GROUP NO.1.  When they are presenting we have to give them mark according to what Miss Zu teaches us just now. Group 1 members are Asnawi, Faiz Othman, Bariah and Ana.  The starting a little bit not good. Maybe because it suddenly happen. However, when it comes to Faiz Othman and Bariah they give many points. Miss Zu said one person should give at least five points. WHAT! Five points? That’s a lot. For this semester speaking test, we are given 20 minutes. That’s really long time. Fuhhhhh…. Lastly, Bariah and Faiz get the highest mark among them. Although, it just a practice, well done guy. Then, Miss Zu said she wants to this practice again. Noooooooo……. After that, Miss Zu gives us a sheet of questions paper for us to practice over this weekend.  BYE! WE HAVE A REPLACEMENT CLASS TONIGHT. 

practice speaking test

For replacement class we did compare and contrast essay like usual Miss Zu wants us to do an essay. Before we start the class, Miss Zu wants our draft, the original and the one that has been commented by our friend. Compare and contrast essay has two type of pattern.
1)       Introduction      

2)     Introduction
Differentiation & similarity character 1
Differentiation &similarity character 2
For my group we got pattern number 1. BREE VAN DE KAMP AND LYNETTE SCAVO. That’s two names was shown on the screen. Who are they? They are the characters from POPULAR ENGLISH DRAMA SERIES CALLED DESPREATE HOUSEWIVES.  What are the different and similarity between both of them? The similarity of both characters is, both of them are housewife and mother. While the different between both of them are for BREE VAN DE KAMP, her attitude is arrogant and the way she managed her family is very organized. On the other hand, LYNETTE SCAVO he attitude is very friendly and the way she managed her family is unorganized.  For my part, I need to do the similarity. AS usual we need to put the citation and plus one more thing which is references and follow the format. CRTICAL THINKING TIME! We have to submit it after that and we end the class about 10:10 P.M. Let’s go find something to eat. Wassalam.