Sunday, 24 March 2013


Thursday, 21/03/2013

Last day. Hi readers. Tonight is my last class for BEL 311 class. I’m late. As like what Miss Zu said yesterday  she wants to discuss the reading comprehension question. The feeling is just cool and warm. Many of us still not doing it. Tonight also w need to submit our portfolio except Bariah and Inayah. They ask the permission from Miss Zu that they want to submit it for tomorrow. Miss Zu accept it since the other students feel okay with it. When we submit the portfolio, Miss Zu say that our portfolio is the thinnest portfolio she ever seen. We was like REALLY??? Oh. OK. We never think that we have to print all the slides that she gave to us. How to do? Since it already happen we just submit it.  Besides doing the reading comprehension question we also have to do the survey for Miss Zu. Is Miss Zu really likes orange colour? Because the past semester paper orange colour so do this survey paper. MAYBE, WHO KNOW. Miss Zu say she wants to end this class early so, we try to do everything with fast motion. OUR CLASS DISMISS! YEZZAAAA.. Then Miss Zu asks us to go to the next class. Guess what? Miss Zu gives us food! NASI LEMAK! FAREWELL PARTY EVERYONE. We take picture together and eat together. Full of laugh and a little emotion session at the end. I feel like wanna cry but I hold it. Amalina is crying. Nooooooo….Miss Zu gives us some advice. Its not like advice actually, she wish us best of luck for our final. I just wanna say A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MISS ZU FOR TEACHES US BEL 311 FOR THIS SEMESTER. THANK FOR EVERYTHING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US. PLEASE FORGIVE US FOR ALL THE MISTAKE THAT WE DID IN YOUR CLASS. THANKS YOU SO MUCH. JBM 112 3A STUDENTS WILL NEVER  FORGET YOU. SEE YOU AGAIN MISS. Wassalam.    

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  1. The party part is really great, hahaha.. Good luck for your final,