Sunday, 24 March 2013


MONDAY, 11/03/2013

Assalamualaikum readers, today our class as usual at DSP. Today we are not bring our laptop because Miss Zu wants to continue in doing practice for speaking test since we will have speaking test. Before we start the practice,  Miss Zu asks did us make our own practice during the weekend. Unfortunately, many of us don’t do it. I don’t why. Miss Zu said she don’t know how to express her disappointment  toward us anymore. HOW???????  But for my group, we did. We try to search the points as much as possible based on the question that Miss Zu already give. We also try to arrange who will be the first candidate and so on. So, for today practice the lucky group is Rozita’s group. CONGRATULATION GUYS. Fuhhhhh… relieve. Hahahahah. They get a question about runaway youth and how to solve the problem. They give many  points which is very good for them although it just a practice.  After they done it, as usual we need to give them mark. Overall, Miss Zu said this group perform better  than the first group maybe because this is the second experiment so they prepared a lot. Good job guys! Since we do nothing after that, Miss Zu suggest to make practice by our own. Therefore, we sit in group and discuss about the question until Miss Zu left us. Up till here. Wassalam. 

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