Sunday, 3 March 2013


WEDNESDAY, 27/02/2013
      Today is the day. FORUM!  Assalamualaikum readers.  As soon as we enter the class, Miss Zu the first group which is my group. Before we start it, Miss Zu asks us to write the title for the show like a real forum that we always watch it on the television.  Izani has to decide what kind of show that wants to do it since she is the host. Then, we end it with show title “Talk show with Izani Z”. Hahahahah… It a little funny actually for me but I don’t know why. Hahahahahahahah…
      In this forum, we have to create a character every panel. Like for me my character is Prof. Nina from UNISEL. Our first panel in my group is Faiz Adha. Honestly, he was the funnier guy in my class for this semester. The way he talks just like a real American and like a rapper. You wanna be a rapper Faiz??? Hhahahahaha. He really did a good job for his part.  Our second panel is Diba. Diba a little bit nervous I think so do I. Next panel is Bella and I am the last panel for my group. I talk about the solution. I talk every single point that I got and because of nervous I can’t face my classmates so, I just read my point. Emm kind of disappoint with it but I really can’t look at them at the moment.  My group going very smoothly. WELL DONE GUYS!
         Next group is Eika’s group “Eika talk show”. This group is having interesting inputs for their topic. NICE JOB GUYS!  Third group would be Fikri’s group. You guys wanna know what? As a host, he is the funnier host. Hahahha. He makes everyone laugh with his attitude. I also can’t stand with it. Fourth group is Athira’s group. This group talks about teenage eating disorders. This topic was one of my favorite topics for today forum. Hheheheheh… Athira’s group was the last group doing the forum for today although we still have one more group but the time just being jealous towards us. What should I say then?. Best host is Fikri, best panel is Faiz adha and best group is, I think it fair. Take a look what we got the end of this today class below.  BYE!


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