Sunday, 24 March 2013


Wednesday, 20/03/2013

We meet again. Today we discus about the next type of essay which is DISCUSSION. Suddenly, Miss Zu say we will have two beautiful lectures for today. Everyone was like searching everywhere and me too. I am looking at the door to see there any new lecture come in but not at all. The two lectures actually is the only twin in our class. BARIAH AND INAYAH. We was like oooooooooh…Hahahhaha. Why them suddenly? This is because they were the only group did the discussion type of essay for their mid-term paper. I think they did a good job. Then, we continue today’s activity with blogging and commenting. Miss Zu also give a past semester paper for us to do. We need to do the reading comprehension first because Miss Zu wants to discuss it on Thursday night. Ok miss! And for the essay we have to submit it on Monday before 5 p.m. Again! Argumentative essay… Miss Zu said argumentative essay is one of the popular type of essay that will come out in final. Oh my god! Another thing is we need to submit our portfolio which a yellow file on  Thursday night too. Thursday night will be our last BEL 311 CLASS. Wassalam.

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