Friday, 28 December 2012


WEDNESDAY, 19/12/2012

Hi! Today our class is at CLL2.  For today, all of us have to show to Miss Zu our topic and materials. One by one go to the front and show their topic. My turn! Nervous! Because before this some of us were, approve from Miss Zu but some of them not got it. For my partner and me, we choose topic about academic performance for secondary school.  We got approve for the topic but we have to find the materials from journal. Along our presentation for the topic, Miss Zu always correcting us our sentence structure. Miss said our sentence structure is bad! At the same time, miss very mad of us. We end our class a little late today because miss want to finish about the topic today.


TUESDAY, 18/12/2012

Wuhu… Today my class at Blok U. Today we discuss about term paper’s topic. Firstly, Miss Zu shows us her ex-students topic and what type of essay for their topic. Miss Zu already told us yesterday to find our own topic and today she can check and approve it. First pair to show their topic is Sarra and Syafiqah. Miss asked them to find another topic. After a several pair show their topic miss get up and told us that our topic is too common and many students have done it before. Then, miss ask about what type of essay that we want to do it. Since my topic is not shown yet, so I try to ask miss whether my topic is okay or not. Unfortunately, it is common for her. My partner and I have to find new topic. Until here people. Bye!



It’s raining again…Assalamualaikum guys…How are you guys doing? Fine? Me too...Well a busy week. Actually every week…hehehe. What is going on today Bel 311’s class??  I was a bit late today. ==’ today Miss Zu teach us about grammar. Interesting!  Miss teaches us many types of grammar and she is teaching us about how to use it, when to use it. I learned it before since I was in primary school but every time when it comes to grammar I always make mistakes especially in writing. Emm…. How to fix it???  Miss teaches us Past Continues Tense, Past tense and many. What an interesting class today. Got to go! Bye.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Assalamualaikum.Bismillah…hi guys. We meet again. Today I want to talk about  -------->WRITING! What a scary word ever! Since I was in the high school, I do not really like writing. I never said I HATE IT but just do not like it. Why??? Well… When my teachers asked me to write something like an essay, I will become blur person. BLUR! What should I write? How I want to write? What is the next sentence? How about the ending? Is the grammar are correct? All that questions will frolicks in my mind. I will face the thing whether in “Bahasa Malaysia” subject or in English subject. When it comes to WRITING, I do not know what to do. I have no idea at all. However, I still keep practicing it. I just hope that in Miss Zu’s class I will do better than usual. Keep trying Nina!


Hello everyone! How was your day today? Pretty awesome? Or bad? Hahahah. All right, I going to start my writing…Today I want to write about my view of blogging. How? Miss Zu wants to know about it. Whether I hate it or like it...What you guys think about it? I do like to read... I love reading anything including the story in the blog. When we talk about the blog, the blog was is the best place to express the blogger feel. Blogger can write whatever they want, makes it beautiful to attract people to read their blog. However, not for me. This is the first time I have to write a blog not only in this semester but also in my life. MY LIFE! When Miss Zu asked me to write a blog, I was like WHAT? Why I have to do this in this semester. I feel that it is really burden to me. Of course, when I have a blog I have to update it every class I have with Miss Zu. When Miss Zu said that create a blog is simple as you create your face book account I feel like “oh, it’s easy” but that was before I try to create it. However when I start to create it, it is not simple as what Miss Zu said. I feel like I want to cry. Many things to do and it’s confusing me. Oh, I hate it! Well, this is just what am I thinking about BLOG. See you guys on the next entry. BYE!









WEDNESDAY, 12/12/2012.

Assalamualaikum and very good morning to all the readers.Nice date ha.How is everyone??? Guess what happen today in my class? Emm…That’s okay. I will tell you by the way. Today our class at CLL2. Today Miss Zu will check our blog and for those who still not yet create the blog, Miss Zu gave to them 15 minutes to create it. Alhamdulillah, I already done it. At first, Miss Zu planned just want to give only 15 minutes for those who not create it and continued with other activity in the class. Then, Miss Zu decided that for today, she just want us to do blogging. Some of us were having their hard time in creating it because of the Wi-Fi line. The Wi-Fi lines make us feel too annoying. It’s too slow! Before we end our class, Miss Zu gave us an instruction to us for the next task. We end our class at sharp 6.00 p.m. What a tired day today! See you soon guys.



TUESDAY, 11/12/2012

Today is BEL 311 day again! We start today's class with continued the last class task that is introduced our friends. After that, we continued our lesson with the interesting activity. For this moment, for me today's class is the most fun time I had in the BEL 311's class. THAT'S SHOCKING. That was what Miss Zu wrote on the whiteboard. She asked all the students in the class to take out a piece of paper and wrote our own facts that will shock the reader. Miss Zu gave us only ten minutes to write it. After we finished wrote it, Miss Zu asked us to fold it become like an aeroplane. I think all of us already know what we will do next. Make it fly! We had to make it fly and took the one that dropped near with us. Then, we had to read it. Most of the facts that we read was the most shocking ever. UNBELIEVABLE! In front of the class, we have to told and guess whom the owner of the facts until the last person. That's how we end our class.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012


MONDAY, 10/12/2012

Ehem...ehem...You guys must be wondering why my title for this time is INTRODUCE. Emmm...Before that, I have a secret to tell you. I came late for the BEL 311's class today. Ooppss...I am sorry miss. Back to the title. Why it is INTRODUCE and this post will be my fourth post. This is because during BEL 311's class for today we had to INTRODUCE our friends to our classmates. Besides that, we also had to tell to others student about our friends' facts. For my part, I have to INTRODUCE my friend Nurul Athirah Binti Mohd. Rizan and told about her facts which is one out of her four facts is not true. At the same time,Athirah also will INTRODUCED myself to other students. About the facts, did all the readers curious about my freind's facts??? The first fact is she like history subject when since she was in high school, she likes yellow colour because she thinks that the colour is bright and refresh her, then she likes cats and lastly, when she is too tired she will having a sleepwalking.Can you guys guess which one is lie. The second fact is lie. She doesn't like yellow colour at  all. She's like PINK! Hahaha....We not only told these facts to other but we also need to explain it. Emm...quite difficult...Well, there were some facts about my friends that I just knew it today. Big thanks to Miss Zu for making this kind of tasks if not I will never know about my friends facts. This is really fun. Unfortunately, we still have several couples of pair still not done it. So, we need to continue it on the next class. I think that's all for today. BYE!

Monday, 10 December 2012


Wednesday, 5/12/2012

Suddenly....................... I got a news about today class. They told that today class is cancel...CANCEL! CANCEL! CANCEL!. OH NOOOOO.... ;}


TUESDAY, 4/12/2012

Today is the second day of Bel 311 class. It was still raining outside. Today miss Zuraidah talked about handout that was given to us for our lesson. Firstly, she talked about the on-going assessment. The total marks for the on-going assessment is 60%. According to the handout given, there are three parts which are 30% for written assignment, 20% for group discussion and online assignment is 10%. She told that for the written assignment we have to do three things which are the outline for 5 marks, draft for 10 marks and final paper which carry 15 marks. She also told that usually we have to do twice for the darft. After that, she talked about writing. She asked us, what type of writing that we know. Then, someone said argumentative and non-linear essays. She told us that we will learn five types of essay for this semester which are argumentative,cause and effects,compare and contrast, discussion and problem solve evolusion. Before we end our class, she command us to make a pair group and tell about one another biodata and facts which is one of the facts is actually not true and the other students have to guess it. Emm...Quite interesting I guess. That was the marked of the end of the class..See you guys next time...;)



Today is my first day of BEL 311 of semester 3. Honestly,I was wondering why my class at DSP because it's kind of wide if just for students of my class but it's okey.When my friends and I arrive at the place there was no lecturer and it was raining outside. Pretty cold! After a few minutes, someone came into the class. A woman, young and pretty. She is our lecturer. At first, she did not introduce herself and it's a little bit weird because usually lecturers will told their name first. Hahaha....Before she starts the introduction about our lesson she asked what we learn about Bel subject for the last semester. How it is,what it is about. At first, we were quiet then someone told her about subject for the last semester just 'so so'. In the middle of discussion, she told us her name. Miss Zuraidah Bt. Sumery.WHAT A NICE NAME! She remind us to remember her name properly if not she will deduct one mark fer her assignment. Then,she tells us about requirement for her class. She said we need to have portfolio or file,our own blog and dictionary for english-english. When she said we need to have a blog about what happen in our class, I was like WHAT? When she notice we were too passive she asked us to stand up and make a simple sentence in English. When it comes to my turn I said "I like One Direction Band". After that, we play some games. We make two circles and look at each other. We have to talk with one another. She gave the topic and we need to talk about it. I tried my best for it. Then someone said it's time already. We have to stop and continued on the next day.