Tuesday, 11 December 2012


MONDAY, 10/12/2012

Ehem...ehem...You guys must be wondering why my title for this time is INTRODUCE. Emmm...Before that, I have a secret to tell you. I came late for the BEL 311's class today. Ooppss...I am sorry miss. Back to the title. Why it is INTRODUCE and this post will be my fourth post. This is because during BEL 311's class for today we had to INTRODUCE our friends to our classmates. Besides that, we also had to tell to others student about our friends' facts. For my part, I have to INTRODUCE my friend Nurul Athirah Binti Mohd. Rizan and told about her facts which is one out of her four facts is not true. At the same time,Athirah also will INTRODUCED myself to other students. About the facts, did all the readers curious about my freind's facts??? The first fact is she like history subject when since she was in high school, she likes yellow colour because she thinks that the colour is bright and refresh her, then she likes cats and lastly, when she is too tired she will having a sleepwalking.Can you guys guess which one is lie. The second fact is lie. She doesn't like yellow colour at  all. She's like PINK! Hahaha....We not only told these facts to other but we also need to explain it. Emm...quite difficult...Well, there were some facts about my friends that I just knew it today. Big thanks to Miss Zu for making this kind of tasks if not I will never know about my friends facts. This is really fun. Unfortunately, we still have several couples of pair still not done it. So, we need to continue it on the next class. I think that's all for today. BYE!

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