Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hello everyone! How was your day today? Pretty awesome? Or bad? Hahahah. All right, I going to start my writing…Today I want to write about my view of blogging. How? Miss Zu wants to know about it. Whether I hate it or like it...What you guys think about it? I do like to read... I love reading anything including the story in the blog. When we talk about the blog, the blog was is the best place to express the blogger feel. Blogger can write whatever they want, makes it beautiful to attract people to read their blog. However, not for me. This is the first time I have to write a blog not only in this semester but also in my life. MY LIFE! When Miss Zu asked me to write a blog, I was like WHAT? Why I have to do this in this semester. I feel that it is really burden to me. Of course, when I have a blog I have to update it every class I have with Miss Zu. When Miss Zu said that create a blog is simple as you create your face book account I feel like “oh, it’s easy” but that was before I try to create it. However when I start to create it, it is not simple as what Miss Zu said. I feel like I want to cry. Many things to do and it’s confusing me. Oh, I hate it! Well, this is just what am I thinking about BLOG. See you guys on the next entry. BYE!








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