Sunday, 16 December 2012


TUESDAY, 11/12/2012

Today is BEL 311 day again! We start today's class with continued the last class task that is introduced our friends. After that, we continued our lesson with the interesting activity. For this moment, for me today's class is the most fun time I had in the BEL 311's class. THAT'S SHOCKING. That was what Miss Zu wrote on the whiteboard. She asked all the students in the class to take out a piece of paper and wrote our own facts that will shock the reader. Miss Zu gave us only ten minutes to write it. After we finished wrote it, Miss Zu asked us to fold it become like an aeroplane. I think all of us already know what we will do next. Make it fly! We had to make it fly and took the one that dropped near with us. Then, we had to read it. Most of the facts that we read was the most shocking ever. UNBELIEVABLE! In front of the class, we have to told and guess whom the owner of the facts until the last person. That's how we end our class.


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