Monday, 10 December 2012



Today is my first day of BEL 311 of semester 3. Honestly,I was wondering why my class at DSP because it's kind of wide if just for students of my class but it's okey.When my friends and I arrive at the place there was no lecturer and it was raining outside. Pretty cold! After a few minutes, someone came into the class. A woman, young and pretty. She is our lecturer. At first, she did not introduce herself and it's a little bit weird because usually lecturers will told their name first. Hahaha....Before she starts the introduction about our lesson she asked what we learn about Bel subject for the last semester. How it is,what it is about. At first, we were quiet then someone told her about subject for the last semester just 'so so'. In the middle of discussion, she told us her name. Miss Zuraidah Bt. Sumery.WHAT A NICE NAME! She remind us to remember her name properly if not she will deduct one mark fer her assignment. Then,she tells us about requirement for her class. She said we need to have portfolio or file,our own blog and dictionary for english-english. When she said we need to have a blog about what happen in our class, I was like WHAT? When she notice we were too passive she asked us to stand up and make a simple sentence in English. When it comes to my turn I said "I like One Direction Band". After that, we play some games. We make two circles and look at each other. We have to talk with one another. She gave the topic and we need to talk about it. I tried my best for it. Then someone said it's time already. We have to stop and continued on the next day.

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