Monday, 10 December 2012


TUESDAY, 4/12/2012

Today is the second day of Bel 311 class. It was still raining outside. Today miss Zuraidah talked about handout that was given to us for our lesson. Firstly, she talked about the on-going assessment. The total marks for the on-going assessment is 60%. According to the handout given, there are three parts which are 30% for written assignment, 20% for group discussion and online assignment is 10%. She told that for the written assignment we have to do three things which are the outline for 5 marks, draft for 10 marks and final paper which carry 15 marks. She also told that usually we have to do twice for the darft. After that, she talked about writing. She asked us, what type of writing that we know. Then, someone said argumentative and non-linear essays. She told us that we will learn five types of essay for this semester which are argumentative,cause and effects,compare and contrast, discussion and problem solve evolusion. Before we end our class, she command us to make a pair group and tell about one another biodata and facts which is one of the facts is actually not true and the other students have to guess it. Emm...Quite interesting I guess. That was the marked of the end of the class..See you guys next time...;)

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