Sunday, 3 March 2013


TUESDAY, 26/02/2013
HALUUU…Today is Tuesday. When Miss Zu come in and after recite the ‘doa’ Miss Zu said quiet for a long time she did not listen we speak in front of class. Erkkkk... What is the meaning behind that??? Means she wants to make something that we have to speak to students in this class. UH-OH…Then, Miss Zu decides to do FORUM. WHAT!  That’s not simple as what you guys think. Before that, Miss Zu teaches us about how to make references for the mid- term and final exam essay. Miss Zu teaches us one by one. In addition, Miss Zu said we need to put the references in our draft essay.
Forum start. We are dividing into 5 groups and I am in the first group. My members would be Izani, Bella, Diba and Faiz Adha. Yeahhhhh. All of them are just great members. Our task for forum would be “The cost of things has sky-rocketed over the last five years. Managing our finances is become more and more difficult. Discuss the reasons for the price increase and suggest some solutions to these problems”.   Miss Zu gives us time to thinks what the answers for the task but when the clock about to 6 p.m Miss Zu asks us whether is it okay for us to do the real forum on the next class. It’s obviously okay for us miss. The class dismisses. What’s gonna happen on next class???

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