Sunday, 24 March 2013


Last entry. Heheheh.. It could be since I’m done with my BEL 311 class. For farewell note, not a death note, we have to answer those questions.
1) What have you learn throughout this semester in BEL 311? Do you think that your writing skill have improved?
2) What does blogging teach you in BEL 311?
3) What do you think of expressing you thought feeling via e-Diary (blogging)?

This semester for BEL 311  I learn a lot of about writing. I learn how to write the intro, conclusion and body paragraph. I also learn many type of essays  which are problem and solution, discussion, argumentative, compare and contrast and also cause and effect. Most of the type we learn about writing  if I’m not mistaken. Through this course I think my writing improve a lot. But I’m still lacking in grammar and sentence structure. What blogging teach me in BEL  311 is new thing which is writing a blog. Hahahahha.  I did express a lot of my feeling towards my blog like what Miss Zu want us to do in every entry. Writing a blog also teach me how to write an information with detail . Emmmm… When I am expressing my thoughts through the e-diary @ blog the feeling is just not so excited and not so sad. Hahahah… Simple feeling… Can I say that? FYI I am not a person who love to write something on diary. I tried it before but as it flow with the time I’m become lazy. I’m not interest on writing diary. That’s me. But I like to read someone blog. I’m just like to read but not to write. This is my farewell note. Hope to see you guys again. Wish me luck for my final examination. Bye. Wassalam.

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  1. u same like me, it is all your farewell? i think yours is very short farewell.huhuhu.