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WEDNESDAY, 16/01/2012

Assalamualaikum. Today our class as usual at computer lab. Today, Miss Zu teaches us about the introduction of an essay. What is introduction all about? Let me tell you guys. The functions of introduction are:

   1) Get the readers’ attention
   2) It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.
   3)Set tone for the rest of the essay

Miss Zu also told that in the introduction, we must 3 parts, which are the hook, transition and thesis statement. What is the meaning of “the hook”? The hook means designed to grab attention immediately and give some indication about the essay topic. What about the transition?  What it’s mean? Transition means Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay. To make a hook we have 8 patterns to make it:

   a)  Personal example/observation
   b) Current event
   c) Quotation
   d)  Facts & statistic
   e) Rhetorical question
   f) Definition
  g) Funnel
  h) Contrast to the thesis statement.

Then, Miss Zu asked us to the introduction for our term paper. Our class dismiss at 6 o’clock. BYE Guys!

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