Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Bismillah. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! YEAHHHHHHHH…. It's 2013 already…WOW! Today my class as usual at U214. Miss Zu starts our class with Zubaidah and Sarra couples presentation with their own topic. After they present that, miss still does not approve their title. Are you serious? Yes, I am serious. Pity them. However, do not give up my girls. Miss Zu also asked other students that maybe we have topic that can give to them so they can show it on the next class. Then, we continue our lesson with check the answers for the previous exercise that is about paraphrase. After that, miss teaches us summarizing topic. Our class for today finish a little bit early than usual because she has meeting to attend. That’s how our class end. Bye! 

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