Monday, 7 January 2013


MONDAY, 7/01/2013

Hello everyone! Today our class at “special class”.Hahahaha. Today our class is at Perpustakaan Sultan Ismail also known as PTDI. Why? This is because Miss Zu wants us to update our blog since at DSP there is no internet connection. Well, I think at PTDI will full of my classmates for today. Just for today! Hahahahah. Today our mission is to update our blog. Miss Zu also said that we could commend on our classmates at certain entry that we like. Miss Zu said the commend can be not too formal but it still have to be appropriate to the readers like no treating or any cursing words. Miss Zu also said that we have to make an entry about the process of finding our term paper topic. I will show to you guys on the next entry. Our class dismissed at sharp 4 o’clock. Bye! Have a nice day everyone. 

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  1. The Library internet connection is the fastest that because we can surf without any lag in this campus :P