Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Assalamualaikum to all the readers…. *wink! Hehehe… We meet again. All right my BEL 311’s as usual at Dewan Sri Pria also known as DSP. We start our class with presentation for those who does not done yet with the mid-term topic. There is several pair only. I guess today Miss Zu is in a good mood today….Great! After they done with the presentation, Miss Zu want to continue her lesson with Paraphrase topic but unfortunately, she can’t find her pen drive which is she save all the information there. Oh My Goodness! However, she is not give up with it. Then, she said that she want to look at our blog. Everyone was nervous to hear that. Me too! Hahahahah… Then, she called Faiz Adha’s name. Jengjengjeng…. Suddenly, she found her pen drive! Good for her… Faiz back to his sit and we continue learn about Paraphrase. Actually, we learn it before. However, we kind of a little bit forget about it. Hehehe…Before we end our class for today she command us to do the exercise on page 26 and 27 and we will discuss the answers on tomorrow class. Up until here guys. See you guys tomorrow with a new entry.

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