Tuesday, 15 January 2013



Assalamualaikum, the new day after weekend. Today, our class at DSP. For today class, we did something that new for this semester, which is DEBATE. Firstly, we are divided into 4 groups, which are 2 from the Government side, and the other two are from the opponent side. For the first session, we have group 1 and 2. They were debating about “Is it considers cheating when your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/boys/man/women/ on facebook (poking, liking, etc)”. The debating session was going smoothly. They were giving their great point and refute to each other points between the Government and the opponent side. As an audience at that time, I can see their tenseness on their face clearly. Miss Zu asked us (an audience) to decide which groups will win and who the best debater is. My group chooses the opponent side as the winner and Fikri as the best debater. The second session is my group and one more group. Our topic is “Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?”  In addition, we are the opponent side. Miss Zu also helps us in giving the points and it helpful for us. We done our best, we refute each other. Hahahahah…. For the second session, no one win or loss it is a tie and the best debater is Rozita from my group. Yeahhhhh... Congratulation my friend! Class dismissed at 4 o’clock. See you guys on the next entry. ADIOS! 
the first session.. can you guys the tension on Fikri face?

we are about to refute to  the government side..

i am presenting my point.

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