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TUESDAY, 22/01/2013

Assalamualaikum…Today activity in our class is presenting the thesis statement. Miss Zu already gives much time since we have no class yesterday. The first couple who really brave to present is Faiz Adha and Fikri. *applause. Faiz and Fikri just did one thesis statement only but actually, Miss Zu asked us to do about three thesis statements. Miss Zu a bit angry about it. Miss Zu rejects their statement and Miss Zu asked them to do again. REJECT! The scariest word for today. Honestly, I am nervous to present today. We are too scare to be rejected. The second partner is Salihin and Mida a.k.a Faiz…hahah .First, they show their introduction. Since my partner and I also did same type of essay with this partner so, we are looking forward to this couple. We want to know how they do the thesis statement. They thesis statement has be approved. You guys are lucky BUT not for their introduction. Miss Zu ask them to change it because the introduction is not suitable with the thesis statement. PLAGIARISM! Miss Zu said. Then, they called Acap’s name. Acap and Nawi suppose to present their thesis statement but I don’t really know what is exactly happen to them. Emmm…Next presenters would be Pika’s group. Miss Zu does not accept their thesis statement. Until Ieka and Diba turn, Miss Zu was very happy with them because they are the best group for today. Great thesis statement and no grammatical error at all...*applause…  When is my turn? Hahahahah… Before we are presenting our thesis there  are some group which already know that they did in a wrong way with their thesis statement so, Miss Zu tell them to sit together with the group which did the same type of essay for tomorrow class. My turn guys. I think for my group, we did a nice work. Miss Zu said that our thesis statement is okay just to need add something so it will be better. After we end present it, our class dismiss with a deal to Miss Zu that we have to be at library for tomorrow class although she is not there. You can trust us miss. Don’t worry!

My group thesis statement that Miss Zu accept:      

   The family problems, the student’s behavior and the school environment are some of the reasons why academic performance is decreasing among the secondary school students. For this reason, some solutions should be taken to solve this problem.

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