Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Today our class as usual at U214 (4.00p.m~6.00p.m) Today Miss Zu will check or blog for the first time ever! I am so excited and nervous too because there must be many mistakes with grammar and the sentences structure. That’s why I am nervous. Since, we have to learn another lesson for today so, Miss Zu just randomly picks the name. Nadia Atiqah! She is the lucky student because miss choose her to view her blog. After check it one by one entry, Miss Zu said that her entry is too short and not really detail about the activity that we did in the class. Then, Miss Zu explains the proper way to reflex about what happen in the class and to put it in our blog. Miss Zu hopes that we will not repeat the mistake again next time. For today lesson, we learn about how to differentiate between fact and opinion. Actually, we are already learned it on last semester but still Miss Zu it again to us. After done explain it we do some exercise to prove that we are really understood about the fact and the opinion. Besides that, we also play game. Yes, game. Yeahhhhh…We have to perform six groups and picked the thing in the box that Miss Zu already brings it. For my group we choose Johnson Baby Powder. The task is we have to make fact and opinion about the thing and other students have to guess it how many facts and how many opinions. Our class dismissed at 6 o’clock. Let’s go to the “Pasar Malam”. Bye readers!


  1. hye nina! I think you should add up an information about what we had learnt in the class, that would be much better.

  2. you also can put some picture nina. It will be more interesting.Peace yaw!!

  3. ASSALMMUALAIKUM nina..=) i also hope u put nsome picture..=) yeah...