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TUESDAY, 15/01/2013

Assalamualaikum, today we are late!  All the students were late for the BEL 311’S class. You guys curious why? Because before that we have QMT, class and we have quiz. That’s why we were late. When we come into the class Miss Zu already there. All right, straight to the point guys, since we already have the title for the term paper, so, today we learn about “how to make the thesis statement”. What is means by thesis statement? Thesis statement is the preview of main point to whole essay.After that, she shows to us the last semester students’ work as references to us. Then, we have to make three versions of thesis statements because she said if one of it does not accepted, at least we still have the back up. After that, Miss Zu asked about what pattern of essay that we want to choose. Since, Wawa(my partner) is absent today, so, at this moment I more prefer  pattern  number 2 because it’s looks more straight forward for me and not complicated. Besides that, Miss Zu talks about a little bit about introduction. For the introduction, we must have 3 part, which are the hook, the transition and lastly thesis statement. Below is the essay pattern that I mention above :)
     PATTERN 2

paragraph           = Introduction stating the thesis statement

Body paragraph = Problem 1, with topic sentence    
                               Solution 1, with topic sentence

                               Problem 2, with topic sentence
                               Solution 2, with topic sentence

                               Problem 3, with topic sentence
                               Solution 3, with topic sentence

paragraph         =  Conclusion summarising the main ideas or restating the thesis statement

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