Monday, 4 February 2013



Hye everyone.  Today’s class as usual at DSP. Today we have to bring our laptop because Miss Zu wants to check our outlining for term paper essay. Miss Zu checks it one by one starting with the boys groups. Because of Miss Zu comment our outlining one by one, so, I cannot hear what Miss Zu comments about other students outlining. At the same time, I feel nervous because I don’t know whether it is right or wrong. Actually, my group is not finish yet doing the outlining. We just finish until the first part of the body. Although, the situation a bit calm but at the same time, Miss Zu a bit angry because all of us are not paraphrase the sentence that we took  from the materials. Before we end the class, Miss Zu said that she want all of us paraphrase the entire sentence. Bye guys!  

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