Thursday, 21 February 2013

Make a Cause and Effect essay

WEDNESDAY, 20/02/2013

Assalamualaikum readers, today my class as usual at computer lab. I thought today Miss Zu wants to check our blog as she said before that but she does not check it. Today Miss Zu teaches us about cause and effect essay. Then, we are dividing into 5 groups since for cause and effect essay have 5 different patterns. I am in the group 3 and for my group we have to do pattern number 3. My group members are I, Salihin, Ejat, Faiz Adha, Fikri and Wawa. Based on the video that Miss Zu shows on the screen, we have to create the title and make an essay. One member would be one paragraph. My group, the video is very funny but it has its own message.  Therefore, we have to think what is the message behind the story in the video. My group’s essay title based on video is The causes of poor English pronunciation.  We a little bit in rush doing the essay so, the idea just a little bit messy at that time. For my part, I am making one of the causes. At the same time, we are allowed to search the information on Google since we are in the computer lab.  At 6 o’clock, we have to submit it for Miss Zu to check it. Before we dismiss the class, Miss Zu already writes the homework for us to do this weekend. I am considering it as much. Well, bye guys. See you later. Have a great weekend everyone. May Allah bless all the readers.

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  1. slm, hai nina, i think you are very good in writing right.well done. mine is messy i mean the sentences. hopefully i can write well like you nina, amin.